See you at the 2020 Stevens County Fair!
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177 County Road 22

Morris, MN 56267

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Photo Credits: Douglass Photography

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2019 Medallion Hunt

OH MY! I found GREAT spot to hide, but are you going to be able to find me? It will be fun! I can be found somewhere on the fairgrounds. You do not have to climb or dig to find me! On the back you will find “You found me 2019”. If you do find me bring me to the Info Booth and receive $50 in chamber cash! Clues will be posted on social media, Homemakers Building, and the Information Booth. I must be found by 8:00 pm on Sunday Aug 11th.

Happy Hunting!

Clues will be listed here....

1. It's time for you to find me! Welcome to the fair and I already see you walking by.

2. The fair is so great and so many changes all around me!

3. For me, it's just 7 steps from happiness!

4. I see so many people and I can’t believe someone doesn’t  just reach down and grab me.

5. Ouch that hurt! That new steel is making the sun reflect in my eyes in the evening at 7!
*Extra Saturday Clue:
      I feel like a soggy sponge in this green stuff.

6. What a Wild and Whacky fair this is and Bingo is also a lot of fun. I have small steps and I am getting harder to find me after all of you walking over me.  Remember I am only 7 steps away from Fun.  If I could have only moved 7 small steps south I would have learned how to be strong.


2019 Medallion Hunt Winner